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is designed to make the very difficult task of scheduling sports leagues and tournament brackets as easy as pie.  We have been providing scheduling services to our customers since 1988 with thousands of installs and customers all over the world from rugby leagues in Australia to squash leagues in Zimbabwe.
Easy To Use Tabbed Interface: Getting to your information is quick and easy with MatchMaker Sports Scheduler.  View and modify leagues, teams, players, officials and schedules with the click of a mouse.  
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Control Your Team Information: Multiple methods for finding notes: visually, by time, categories, automatic labeling and keywords, complete with matching note count. All found keywords are highlighted in yellow. View More >>
Allow Teams Their Preferences: There are always those teams may not prefer to play at certain times that you have scheduled for your league.  MatchMaker allows you to give them preferences for days of the week, times played, and locations.  View More >>
Paint By Number Scheduling: Scheduling is as easy as painting your leagues in your facility spots until the slots left column becomes zero.  Leagues are numbered and color coded for easy identification.  View More >>
Reports: MatchMaker has a wide variety of league, team, and facility reports that can be printed to any printer, saved to Excel or Word, or saved as a web page.
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Scheduling Efficiency Analysis: There are few programs that let you see the efficiency of your schedules.  MatchMaker will let you how well your leagues are balanced and how well the times and locations are distributed.
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blank double elimination tournament bracket, soccer tournament Tournaments: Included in MatchMaker is a state-of-the-art tournament scheduler.  You can view advancements, set scores, change dates, times, and locations and more.  Tournaments size is unlimitedView More >>