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How Do I Install the MatchMaker Demo Once I Have Downloaded It?

1. Click on the link to the left to download the match.exe file to your hard drive (note which folder you save it to).

2. Run match.exe from your download directory.

3. MatchMaker will extract its setup files to the directory of your choice (defaulting to c:\windows\temp).

4. Run setup.exe from the temporary directory you extracted MatchMaker to.

5. Please Note: MatchMaker will check to see if key Windows system files are up to date. In some cases, you will be asked to reboot your machine and run setup.exe again.

6. MatchMaker League Scheduler will copy all of its files to the appropriate directory and it will create its own folder.

7. Click Start, then MatchMaker Scheduler to run.

MatchMaker Quick Start and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Often, the complexity of a scheduling task overwhelms many people. Don't worry, used correctly, MatchMaker will solve just about any problem you can throw at it. What follows is a brief overview of which MatchMaker components to use for certain tasks.

Creating League/Division Schedules

Q: I am new to league scheduling and I need to create a schedule for our league(s) by next week. Where do I start?
A: For novice users, the easiest way to create a league schedule is by using our
Scheduling Assistant. In a few easy steps, you can build a complete league schedule. Once you enter times, a starting date, and fields, you can click and paint your league schedules.

Q: I have been doing league scheduling for quite some time now by hand and I need something that will automate my work that is powerful, but easy to use.
A: Try our
Classic Scheduler. It gives you complete control over times, dates, locations, and officials and preferences.

Q: I have a complicated schedule where teams play multiple times per week, across different locations.
A: Generally, for these types of "complex leagues," we recommend you use
Custom Weekly Scheduling. It was designed to solve these types of problems in an easier fashion than our Scheduling Assistant and Classic Scheduler.


Q: I need quick reports for my leagues. I'm in a real hurry.
A: First, select Options|User Options and make sure that the
Classic Report Writer is selected. Then, once you have created your schedule, click on the Reports button at the bottom of the screen. Listed are the most typical reports that league schedulers need. Select your league on the left and the type of report on the right, then Print Preview.

Q: I would like to change fonts and layout of my reports.
A: MatchMaker has a free-form SQL and HTML based report writer built into its engine. Select Options|User Options and make sure that the
ScheduleMate Report Writer is selected. When you click on the reports button, you will now see the ScheduleMate Report Writer. You can even export all reports easily to HTML or Microsoft Excel format for further modification.


Q: Does MatchMaker create tournaments?
A: Yes, MatchMaker can create any type of tournament (
single elimination, double elimination - either ABAB pairings or ABBA pairings, and pool play or World Cup Style).

Interface Issues

Q: How do I edit what's in a cell.
A: Just double click on top of the cell and you can edit the data in the cell. Please note: some cells have a dropdown combo box with choices already in the cell.

Q: How do I sort a particular column of a grid.
A: If you click on the column heading, the grid will then be sorted on that column. This can be very useful in the teams tab, when you are entering teams or looking for a particular team.