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The PCA System is a long-term risk-management strategy for serious investors

Put your Portfolio on Autopilot.  The PCA Simulator allows back-testing of any North American stock or mutual fund by just typing in the ticker symbol and hitting your enter key. Any investor can use this professionally developed piece of software and the online help makes it easy.

You can "Optimize" the scenario by using the optimizer tools, and get all kinds of information about your stock using the browser features. You will be very well informed about all the important information about your stocks.

Viewing the trade history will show exactly how PCA managed this holding over the selected time period. This feature alone makes it easy to master the PCA style of making money automatically.

Users can even select the time period of their choice and get as much as ten years of daily data...maybe even more, if its available. The PCA Simulator automatically imports Daily, Weekly or Monthly data for FREE.

The PCA Simulator is an indispensable tool for learning how PCA works. It is also very valuable in learning the power techniques and nuances that can be created under certain settings.


Manage Multiple Portfolios.  With PCA's portfolio manager you can manage an unlimited number of stocks, an unlimited number of portfolios, see all vital statistics in fully customizable views, add new stocks to existing portfolios, see all the current trade advice for every stock in every portfolio all at once, and update all the prices in every portfolio with a single click.


Get Free Access To Historical Market Data And View Your Trade Histories.  The trade history screen will capture every detail of your activity and gives a wide variety of "views". You are in control of your trading all the way through the process.  Making money in the stock market automatically has never been easier or more fun than with the new PCA. 

All historical and current market data in the PCA is FREE, No Subscription Fee Ever!!!


Quotes, Research, News, Charts, Message boards, Advice, Brokers and more.  When you have a stock that is currently "active" in the equity manager or simulator, click these links and you are "Up To The Minute" with information specific to your stock.  In other words, if "GE" is loaded in your PCA and you click Yahoo under the message board tab, you will be taken to the "GE" board at Yahoo.

A great variety of powerful stock screening utilities are available under the Stock Screening tab.  With PCA you are one-click away from your brokers trading desk!!! Get the advice, make the trade, its just that easy!!!

Once you start surfing the web in your PCA you'll find it an indespensible tool for researching stocks and keeping in touch with the investing communities on the web.  PCA is by far the most powerful research browser ever created!!!

Imagine the comfort you can have with PCA guiding your trading decisions...

The PCA System for Windows
on CD ROM.

for ONLY $149.00



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