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How to Buy Low & Sell High EVERYTIME!...Guaranteed!!!

The PCA System is Unlike Any Other Investing Model You Will Ever See.  There are literally hundreds of investing strategies, systems, and hot tips available to today's investor, and one thing they all seem to have in common is that they attempt to "predict the future" or forecast a particular move in a certain stock or index. Everyone wants to sell you a "subscription " for their "stock picks" or show you a product that will attempt to choose stocks you should buy and sell.

What's more, many of these "systems" are based on short-term strategies that involve a high degree of risk or require compulsory "ticker-watching". That's not investing, That's GAMBLING.

For many reasons, it stands apart from literally every "investing product" you will find.  Here are some of the things that make the PCA system the most powerful software in the investing world:

The PCA System does not attempt to be "predictive" - It is simply programmed to Buy Low and Sell High over and over.

The simple explanation is that PCA lets "your stocks tell you what to do" based on their own price action. If the prices are down from where you bought them PCA will let you know that your stock is "ON SALE". If the prices are up PCA will let you KNOW that it is time to take some CASH off the table.

It is a "reactive" rather than a "predictive" investing model, that uses money management in a strategic manner, measuring risk every step of the way. But dont let the word reactive scare you, The PCA System lets you know how to "REACT" in ADVANCE!!

With PCA You Get to Select Your Own Stocks.  The PCA software will not tell you which stocks are going up tomorrow or what to expect from the indices next week, but it will take your own carefully selected stocks and manage them in the most rational and common-sense manner.

PCA wants you to select a good stock and stick with it. Trade it through the ups and downs and let the stock work for you. Time and compounding will be on your side. After all, Investing is about making money work for you.

PCA Customizes Itself to Each Individual's Particular Situation.  Your individual position in your stock holding determines the basis for subsequent management. PCA gives "custom advice" from the price action of your own stocks and your settings at any given time.

You Don't Have to "Watch the Ticker"  It's very simple. You will know ahead of time exactly where your next buy and sell levels are on all your stocks, and you can simply place Good-Till-Canceled (GTC) orders with your online broker. The frequency that you will have to monitor your portfolio will depend on the types of stocks you choose. Fast paced technology and Internet stocks may require updating once a day, mutual funds maybe every other week. This is a CASH MANAGEMENT TRADING STRATEGY for LONG TERM INVESTORS that mandates buying low and selling high.

To summarize, the PCA system stands apart from any other trading model out there. It is a "contrarian" system that mandates buying low and selling high. It does not select stocks for you, but takes advantage of your own due-diligence.

Your trading advice is determined by your own individual situation, and you have the flexibility to tweak everything to your liking. PCA includes an infinite combination of parameters that will guarantee your holding is bought on dips and scaled back at peaks.

The best thing about PCA is that it lets you "optimize" the settings to only execute trades at levels that you are comfortable with, and make sense to you.

It will not force you to make a trade, but rather act as your assistant and guide you on the proper course of action right now.

Best of all, in no uncertain terms, it tells you specifically to buy, sell, or hold, an exact amount of shares at any given price level.

Imagine the comfort you can have with PCA guiding your trading decisions...

The PCA System for Windows
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