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SQLMake ScheduleDR your source for SQL Server  database design and VB expertise! We are based out of Cincinnati, Ohio and offer the following contract consulting services anywhere in the United States.

For almost a decade, ScheduleDR has been planning and building Client Server data-based systems for small, medium, and large multi-user systems.

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We have the Client Server database development experience necessary for making your project a success.

Database DesignAt ScheduleDR, we take database design seriously.  Documenting the data structures, as well as clearly defining the relationship of one data entity to another, is a critical step that will enable the software development process and establish a foundation for all future changes.

With our experience, as well as our Rapid Software Development and Design System (RSDDS), we are able to achieve our goal of sound database design with a minimum of cost.

Database Services Offered.  ScheduleDR Software provides a full range of database design services including:

  Database design & engineering services

  Database operations

  Implementation and installation services

  Technical writing & documentation services

  Visual Basic 6 UI design & implementation with SQL databases

  Database Performance Analysis

  SQL Scripting

  Design and Implementation of Stored Procedures and Triggers

  Client Server Database Design and Development

Save Money By Using Our Remote Services.  No matter where you are, we are equipped to work with you remotely! We utilize the best available,  state-of-the-art technology to ensure the integrity and safety of your project data.

>  Telecommuting services are available to our clients, enabling them to better utilize their office space.

>  Nightly, off-site, remote backup of client data from our internal network.

>  In-house backup of client data to ensure uninterrupted service to your project.

>  Remote-access capabilities using pcAnywhere - we are "virtually" there!

>  Visual Source Safe source control for all code, database designs and documentation.

>  State-of-the art firewall security.


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