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ScheduleDR offers a wide variety of hosting options to suit your specific Internet requirements. All virtual and dedicated hosting packages include email services and offer support for the software packages and operating systems shown below.

ScheduleDR's goal is to provide highest quality of hosting available. We accomplish this by regulating our server usage to run at less than 35% capacity during peak hours. This insures that our client's web site will not be fighting for bandwidth with other client's sites.

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Our web servers are State of the art 
offering and supporting these features:

>  Microsoft FrontPage Extensions

>  ASP (Active Server Pages)

>  Shopping Carts

>  Real Audio

>  E-Mail Forms

>  Secure Server

>  Traffic Log Reports

>  SQL Database

>  Access Database

>   Live Stats


  Small Business Starter Plan

ScheduleDR's Business Starter Package is the package to get if you need to establish a web presence in a hurry. This package provides you with FrontPage support, ASP support, and email addresses.

From $29.99

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  Business Pro Plan

The Business Pro plan has the same features as the Starter package, but also includes additional web space and SQL server for advanced database work. Business Pro users will also have access to our Site Promotion Guide for information on how to market and generate traffic for their site.

From $49.99

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  Corporate Pro Plan

Some online businesses generate a lot of traffic! Setup Site’s Business Corporate plan allocates large amounts of bandwidth and web space for each site. Our Corporate Accounts are hosted on our corporate servers. Each corporate server is limited to 10 sites, where the sites only share the operating system. Each site is stored on its own drive and has its own memory allocation.

From $79.99

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  Web Hosting Order Form

Domain Information
Enter Domain Name (Please put .com .net or .org):
Select One:
I need help moving my domain name.
I will transfer or register the domain name myself.
Register this domain name for me. ($70.00 for 2 years, .net .org .com Only)

All Domain Registrations are final. There will be no refunds for misspelled domain names, so please check your spelling carefully.


Package Information
*Please Select a Hosting Package:

How would you like to be billed?


Would You Like FrontPage Extensions installed?


*Please Enter a Password:  


Contact Information

*Last Name :

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  Backup and Security Policies

Data Backup Procedures

  • All database servers will be equipped with Level 5 Raid with data being stored on no less then three hard drives at all times.

  • Database backups are performed every 4 hours

  • Tape backups are produced of sites and data every 24 hours and moved offsite.

Disaster Recovery

  • Apps Communications maintains 24x7 technicians to monitor and maintain systems.

  • Replacement parts and servers are maintained in the event of server failure.

  • Onsite Generators to insure uptime of systems in the event of power outage.

  • In the event of a catastrophic occurrence at the main location, Apps Communications will maintain secondary locations. Secondary locations and systems will be implemented within 24 to 48 hours of such an event.

Description of Security and Privacy Polices, Apps Communications will have in place Security and Privacy protocols to insure data is confidential.


  • All data servers will be secured using a Cisco Firewall with limited access.

  • E-Commerce data transfers across the Internet will be secured using VeriSign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128Bit Encryption Certificates.

  • E-Commerce data stored on servers will be encrypted before storing data.

Privacy Polices

  • All Apps Communication personal with access to data servers and/or system administration privileges will have background checks performed prior to accessing the system.

  • No information will be released pertaining to Apps Communications clients without written permission from the client.

Hosting Clients have full access to the many pre-built CGI Scripts available in our Client Center, along with many other web tools.


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