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Select this image to view our website designs.ScheduleDR, is a leading edge web site development firm with skilled programmers, designers and premium computer servers available to suit all personal and professional web site needs.  ScheduleDR has been designing and developing web sites for companies large and small since 1997.

ScheduleDR maintains its competitive advantage through one-on-one, personalized customer care, cost effective and flexible payment options, and the ability to service globally. Creating a presence for our customers on the Internet provides them the ability to compete within their market on a much larger scale, expanding opportunities for business and exposure.

We feel that the customer's involvement is key in the development of their web site. It not only helps with the design and layout, it is crucial to maintaining customer confidence and satisfaction throughout the process.

ScheduleDR has the experience in the latest web technologies for building variety, functionality, and performance into its web sites. From personal and small business web sites to the complex and commercial e-business sites, we will custom develop the right web site for you.

Web Site Development Cost Estimate Form

Please keep in mind that without discussing your specific needs, we can only give you a ballpark figure. Also, many of the questions we've asked in the form below may be areas that you would rather consult us about. The estimate you receive may vary slightly from the actual cost, depending on your final site inclusions. Therefore, please use the estimate as a general guide, then call or e-mail us after you receive your estimate so that we may schedule an appointment for a complete needs analysis.

*First Name
*Last Name
*Business/Organization Name
*Phone ( )


Mailing address, including city, state, and zip.

What products or services will be promoted on the site?
Approximately how many pages do you anticipate for your site?
Approximately how many photos would you like your site to have?

Describe your goals for the web site and the features you would like it to include.

"Acme Widgets is planning to take its product line to the web and is seeking a full scale e-commerce site with order forms, a searchable catalog including up to 60 products with photos, two animations, and one short video clip."

If you have registered a domain name, what is it?



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